Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Week 14 - in the books. Year 15 - wrapped up. Year 16 - see you next May! It was a good series - I sure enjoyed it. Here are a few numbers. Total participants - 125. Runners completing all 13 runs - Erol Sozen (Congratulations! Tough to do!). Runners completing 10 or more runs - Kermit Davis, Bill Lacy, Kerianne Martin, Shane Newsome, Bobby Poer, Corey Walp, and Scooter Wood. Much thanks to Raley and April for help at the finish line, and others who assisted during the summer. Wishing Kermit a speedy recovery after surgery, our thoughts are with you. Hope to see all of you, and more, next summer. And lastly, here are the results of today's run. Take care, stay hydrated, and run safely. It was fun! Doug

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wrap it Up with Pizza

Sorry so late on this post! Have been out of town for a few days and just returned. Here are the results of last week. This coming Tuesday (7/31) does not look promising on the weather - 70% chance of rain - but we will hope that it all goes around us - as we close out the 2018 series with our annual PIZZA RUN! Just show up for our last run and we'll knock out some pizza afterwards - rain or shine. The pizza's on me - so hope to see you Tuesday. Stay hydrated, Doug.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Results and Pizza Run

Sorry, out of town for a couple of days. Will post results of last run soon as I can. Pizza run next Tuesday! See you soon, Doug

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Watermelon Run Results

We had a great turnout - watermelon and good (but very hot!) weather did the trick. Here are the results of today's run. Two more runs to go. Next week is a normal run, and then the last run on July 31st is our Pizza Run. Be sure to plan on being there if you like free pizza! It's been a good summer and I've enjoyed it a lot. Hope that you have. If you have not picked up your shirt yet be sure to make plans to do so. I have a couple of left-over shirts - an extra large shirt and a large shirt if you want to buy one. My cost, your cost, $16. See you next week, stay safe. Doug

Watermelon Run Today

Come and get it. See you at 6pm. Doug

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

On the Downhill Side

Well,week 11 (run 10) is history. There was no hint of rain, but it was obvious we are in the middle of summer. Very hot! Good to see everyone back after the Fourth. Here are the results for tonight's run. OK, listen up, I don't want you to miss this: next week is Watermelon Run! That's right, free watermelon, all you have to do is show up and run. The next week is a regular run, then the last run (July 31) is our Pizza Run. Be sure to get these runs on your calendar and don't miss those days. Lastly, I have the shirts in - and some of you, I have not seen you for several weeks. Be sure to come one of these last three runs so we can wrap up our shirt business. I will try to contact those I have not seen for awhile by email. Keep hydrated and enjoy the summer. School starts for many in 3 weeks. Can't believe it.....Doug

Back After Fourth

Welcome back! Four more runs in the series. Watermelon run next week, don’t miss it. No cost, just come and enjoy. Also, remember to pick up your shirt. If you have not paid yet, cash or check will be fine. See you soon, Doug.