Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Run 12 in the Books

Here are the results of run 12. There was a big thunderstorm brewing up in the Valley, headed our way, but thankfully it dissipated just before it arrived in Opelika. So it was very humid, but at least no lightning and rain. I heard there is a possibility of the Summer Swing Concert Series being extended an extra week, until August 9th. If that is the case, we may extend our series an extra week as well, for anyone interested. More on that later. Next week, I will be vacationing in New Mexico, high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, in the little town of Red River. My friends Bob Banks and Summer Vaughan agreed to direct the run, so be sure to show up and keep them honest (ha!). I don't want to come back and hear that everyone had a PR by 5 minutes. :-)The week following (Aug 2) we'll have our pizza run, don't miss that. That's about it.....keep Bob and Summer straight....and I'll see you soon! Doug

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Run 11 - Not so Bad!

Here are the results of tonight's run. Could you believe that breeze that we had? That's rare for a July run. Was glad to see a good turnout. The July and August runs are pretty tough, and I admire all of you for showing up week after week. We are almost done for the summer (3 more runs)and I'll miss everyone when we wrap up in August. I'm planning the last run to be pizza night, so be sure to get that on your calendar. Thanks again to Evelyn and Raley for help at the finish line - and thanks to the Boone's for bringing orange slices and cookies. Kim, I appreciate you bringing a watermelon, I can always count on you. Also a big thanks to Mallory and Tracy of RehabWorks. Always good to have you with us for advice for injury prevention, injury recovery, stretching, warming up, cooling down, and everything related. We appreciate the time you take to be there for us. That's enough for now. See you next week - Doug.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Watermelon Run Next Week

Here are the results of tonight's run. Much thanks to Dawn Kohn for her help at the finish line, and to the Boone's for the oranges and cookies. Also, great to have Keena and Mallory of RehabWorks there to help with injury prevention, stretching, and recovery. Thanks to an earlier shower, it was a bit cooler for the 50 who enjoyed getting out for a run, or a walk. Next week, I've promised it will be our watermelon run, so come out and enjoy it with me. Anybody who wants to bring one, feel free to do so. I'll plan on bringing about 3 or 4. See you then, Doug.