Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2020 Series Complete

That's it for the 2020 series, hope that you were able to join us at some point this year. What a strange year it thanks to the Covid-19 problems. But, at least we were able to salvage some of the series. We did have several runners with perfect attendance - Bob Banks, Bill and Scooter Lacy, Shane Newsome, and Kim White. And, we had two runners who missed only one run - Carol Ann Bryant and Charlie Lesh. It takes a lot of commitment to show up week after week. This summer was brutal, as usual, but we survived it and celebrated with pizza, as is our tradition. Maybe next year we can get back to our normal race/run procedures (sure missed those cold washcloths!). Kudos to all of you. By the way, here are the results of last night's run. Looking forward to next year already. Much thanks to all of you who ran with us this year - I sure enjoyed seeing all of you. Run safely - Doug

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Winding Down

Just about to wrap up the 2020 season - last run is next Tuesday, July 28. We'll have pizza after the run, which has become a tradition to close out the season. Speaking of food, much thanks to Shane for bringing watermelon last night. Perfect after a hot, humid run! Also, much thanks to all of you who have shown up week after week in this Covid-shortened season. Hopefully, back to normal next year. Here are the results of last night's run. See you next week! Doug

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Run 7 In the Books

Winding down - a couple of weeks left - and it gets hotter and hotter. That's July for you, nothing new here! Our participation was down a bit yesterday evening, as several were out of town (the beach sounds pretty good about now). Hope you can help us finish out the last two weeks. I'm thinking that pizza is sounding pretty good for July 28, as is our tradition to close out the series. Sounds pretty good already. Here are the results for last night's run. See you next week - Doug

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Last Month of Runs and the Heat is Here!

Week 10 in the books and 3 more runs in this Covid-19 shortened series - a warm and muggy run, but that is what we expect in July. These results will reflect some slower times due to the weather conditions. Even so, it's been great to get together every week for a run and some visiting. If you are reading this and have not run with us yet, come on out next week. Be sure to bring some water/Gatorade along with you, as we continue with our "On Your Own" philosophy. Hopefully next year we can get back to normal. Stay safe, Doug

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

June - Done!

June runs are in the books! Looks like we have four runs in July before wrapping up this Corona-shortened Summer Swing Series. Even under these adverse conditions, it's been great getting to run together, and meet some new folks along the way. Thanks to afternoon showers yesterday, we had temps in the high 70's, pretty rare for June. And, we had some pretty good results - those results for last night's run can be found here. Hope to see you next week. Bring a friend! Doug