Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 14 In The Books

Here are the results of tonight's run. It was unusually cool and dry for an August run, nice to not have to worry about a thunderstorm for once. It's been a good series, lots of new faces and plenty of regulars as well. Hard to believe the series is over, it always seems to fly by for me. Next May we will crank it up for our 15th year. Many thanks to all who helped cover for me when I was out, and those who helped at the finish line. Your assistance is always appreciated. This year we did have a couple of runs where a runner got off course. I'll try to improve on signage and better processes for next year. If you have any ideas that would help in that area, please let me know. Always open to suggestions, and always welcome any volunteers who want to assist in any area. So, it's a wrap! Hope to see you next year! Doug