Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Run 3 Results

Finally, I thought. We will get a run in without rain. Mother Nature had other plans. This time we made it all the way until run start time before the sprinkles began. Don't get me wrong, running in a light rain in spring and summer is pretty nice. But directing a race is another story. Anything that involves paper becomes really challenging (registration, results, placement cards, shirt orders, etc). Electronic devices must be put up quickly (clocks, amp, phones, Ipad, timer). Grilling still works, but the burners were blown out by the wind. Waa, waa, waa, I'll stop crying in a minute, LOL! In spite of the rain we were able to keep everything working long enough to capture results, which you can see here. BUT...since we called the run last week (due to rain), I was bound and determined to have a normal race this week. Thanks for your patience while we hashed things out! Next week, the long range forecast is calling for good weather on Tuesday with a zero percent chance of rain. Ya think? Now, a little housekeeping. I will be taking orders for shirts for a few more weeks before the printing order is placed. You can see images of the shirt in a post below. Tee or tank, adult or child, $15 each. Please pay when you place your order if possible. I plan to have them available around the Fourth of July. That's about it for now. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and I hope to see you next Tuesday - on a SUNNY afternoon for a change! Doug

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Run 2 Rained Out

For the second week in a row, thunderstorms rolled in around 5pm. I called the race at 5pm, as I could not tell what the weather would be like at 6pm. As it turned out, the storms rolled on through and there was only light rain to contend with. Light rain is great to run in, but it makes it difficult for registrations, and timing the run. Electronic devices do not get along well with moisture. Current cost to replace the timer and clock would be about $1200 to $1500. So when it's rainy I go to manual timing, which involves paper and ink in the rain - not a good combination either! I'm determined to not let the weather cause another called race, if there is any way I can. So let's hope for the best in our next 10 runs. By the way, even if the race has been called, you are welcome to show up and run informally on your own. The one exception is active nearby lightning. I would rather that none of us run under those conditions. If there is no lighthing, usually 10 to 20 show up in rainy conditions anyway. The cool rain is great this time of the year! The Gatorade and cold towels will still be there for you. It's the registration process, grillng, and capturing run times that get compromised. I will be taking orders for shirts for a few more weeks. See last week's post below for graphics and cost details. See you next week - Doug.