Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Run 11 In The Books

We were fortunate to get our 11th run in, after an earlier thunderstorm. It was cooler, that was great! Next run is our last run, weather permitting, and is our ANNUAL PIZZA RUN. If you are new to the Summer Swing 5K Series, that means free pizza next week! Be sure to join us and bring your appetite. See results in the link to the right "2021 Summer Swing Results". See you next week - Doug

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

4:30 Report June 27

The run is ON. It may be light rain, but maybe the rain is gone by 6pm. Radar looks like things are clearing for East Alabama. Come on and enjoy some cooler temps. Doug

Storms to Clear Out?

At 3pm it's too soon to tell if we can get our next to last run in today (7/27). I think there is a good chance we can. I'll make a decision at 4:30pm and post it here. Doug

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Watermelon Run Complete

As hoped for, the rain was out of here by 5pm and lightning was not an issue,so we were able to get our run in. Attendance was down, which is understandable, with the weather being what is has been lately. We knocked out some watermelon! Even sent home extra melon with the Hall family. We have two runs left - with the last run being August 3rd - which will be free pizza day. Be sure you don't miss either run! Our series is coming to an end soon. Sure have enjoyed seeing you each week. Be safe and I hope so see you next Tuesday. Don't forget to check results in the "2021 Summer Swing Results" link to the right. Doug

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Rain Gone by 6pm

Come on! Rain should be outa here by 6pm. Need some help eating this cold watermelon!

Run Still On

I'm hoping the storm will have blown over by 5:30pm. Run is still "go" as of 3:15pm. Come eat some watermelon whether you run or not! If it looks bad at 5:15 or 5:30 I will post final decisions.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Watermelon Week!

I've got 3 big watermelons to ice down for tomorrow's run (July 20)so be sure to make it to run 10. The weather is iffy at best, so here's the plan: run anyway! On a more serious note, if there is lightning, we won't run. BUT I will be there with the watermelon anyway, which we could enjoy under the Rec Center awning, worst case scenario. All you can eat, free. So let's just hope that thunderstorms are not an issue tomorrow and that we can get this run in. After tomorrow, only two more runs this season, with the last run being our traditional pizza run (August 3). See you tomorrow - Doug

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Run 9 Complete

We had a good turnout for run 9 on July 13. Good to see all of you, including new faces. Much better than last week, which was cancelled due to lightning. Next week is WATERMELON WEEK. I'll bring the watermelon, you eat it! We are winding down for the summer; 3 runs left. It's been fun and I've enjoyed seeing you each week. Try to make the next few weeks, and bring a friend; newcomers always welcome. See results in the link to the right (2021 Summer Swing Results).