Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Summer Swing 5K Delay

As of today, 4/22/20, Opelika parks are closed by Executive Order of the Mayor. Until that order is lifted, the Summer Swing 5K series can't take place at the Denson Drive Recreation Center. There is a chance that runs can be resumed in June, starting with the June 2 run. I am waiting on an update now from Parks and Rec and will keep you posted on any updates. Meanwhile stay healthy and take care of yourselves! Doug

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

2020 Season is Here! Will We Be Able to Run?

The big question at this point is whether we will be allowed to run the 5K series this year, and if so, when? I'm optimistically hopeful that we will see enough improvement in the Covid-19 situation to allow us to move forward in May. I have been in touch with Opelika Parks and Recreation, and am waiting to see what they decide about similar outdoor activities. I'll keep you posted. The first run, and SS concert, is scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th. Stay tuned! Doug