Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Heating Up

Here are the results for week 5. We have made it through the "easy" month of May, it's only going to get hotter as we go. Maybe so, but still not as big a challenge as some races. Those of you who have run the Tupelo Marathon may remember their race motto "Trample the weak, hurdle the dead!" (something like that) and the skull and crossbones on the race shirt. That's one race shirt that hangs proudly in my closet. Now THAT was a tough race! It's usually in early September, a nice "cool" month in the Deep South. See, we have it easy, a measly 3.1 miles to run. Piece of cake, right? Not quite, I'm afraid. Anyway, looking forward to the challenging weeks ahead. Can you do it? Doug

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Escaping the Rain

Those who were able to show up for Run 4 had a perfect evening for a run - nice and cool, no rain, and a little breeze. Won't see many more Tuesdays like that! If you have not come out yet, be sure to make it over our way next week. We have completed 4 of 13 runs so you have plenty of time left to work on your fitness, or just enjoy being with some sweaty friends (LOL!). Here are the results of this week's run. Much thanks to the Boone family once again for bringing the orange slices and cookies, and to Evelyn for her help at the finish line. It also means a lot to me that RehabWorks Opelika sends a crew out each week. Take advantage of their expertise for stretching methodology, injury prevention, and good sound advice for those of us who pound the pavement. Next week is our last run in May. Join us and then slide over to the free Summer Swing Concert at 7pm. Next up: Crossroads. See you next week. Doug

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Finally, Fired Up the Grill

Third run is in the books, and here are the results. Had a good turnout, and as promised, fired up the grill and knocked out some hamburgers and hot dogs. Yeah! Glad to see a good turnout, and glad for the good, but HOT, weather. It's only going to get hotter as the series rolls on, so come on out now while it's still sorta cool and join us. Kid Blue was rockin' and most of our gang went across the street to join them. I have learned the secret for front row seats at the Summer Swing Concert. Just walk right up there and sit down, and after running a 5K on a hot afternoon, nobody wants to sit next to you and you can have that front row all to yourself! See, I did learn something in school after all.....LOL! See you next week - Doug

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Run Two

Another great evening for a run! If you have not been able to join us yet, make a point of coming out for our next run- next Tuesday May 16. Look forward to seeing you. Here are the results for tonight's run. Doug

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Results - First Run

Great run last night! See the results in the link to the right, or here. Doug