Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good To Be Back - AND - One More Run!

Here are the results of both runs 13 and 14. We had a great turnout, about 50 happy people. Sure was good to see all of you after my week away in Red River, New Mexico. Much thanks to Bob, Summer, and others who managed the race last week. I have posted those results along with tonight's run. AND - surprise - we are going to have one last run, August 9, same time and same place. This one will be an add-on, just for fun, and no race fee, so keep that dollar in your pocket and save it for a Summer Swing run next year (right!). What happened is that one of the Summer Swing bands missed their performance earlier in the series, and they will tag on at the end of the series. Hence they play next week, and so will we. Come out and get one last run in for this year's series. Oh, and by the way, if you missed tonight's run, you also missed the free pizza. That's the way it goes.....does not pay to miss a run! We killed ten pizzas, with absolutely nothing left over, so I am considering that my PR for the year, since I sure didn't set any records running lately :-). Much thanks to my wife Marion for picking up the pizza and talking Little Caesar's into selling us a few extras (we needed them). Also, as always, thanks to the Boone family for providing oranges and cookies, and to Evelyn and Timothy for the help at the finish line. That's it for tonight - getting late. Hope to see you next week, as we wrap up the 2016 summer series. Doug

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