Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3pm Update

Still uncertain on the weather, but it looks like the worst of it will be after 7pm. We will have an informal run for anyone who wants to come. Run start 6:15 - but if you get there early and want to go ahead, that's fine. I'll put the cones out about 5:15. Just keep an eye on the weather and if it looks questionable, be smart. Doug

Just in Case the Weather Behaves

This morning, looks like canceling the run was a no brainer. Now, I'm getting mixed reports on the weather forecast. Tell you what - if the bad weather does not materialize at 6pm, we'll have an informal run - just for fun, no timing/results. Come if you like. I'll try to give a 3pm update. Doug

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Watch the Weather

Early forecasts include severe weather for our first run Tuesday 4/29. I will keep you posted here. Be sure to check back Tuesday after lunch. Doug

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Concert Schedule

I've included the 2014 Summer Swing Concert schedule in a link to the right. Plan to enjoy as many of these free live concerts as you can. I've moved the start and finish line back a bit - closer to the area where everyone hangs out after the run. I think that will work out better for all. One more week! Hope to see you on the 29th! Doug

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 29th Start Date - First Run

All right! Finally, it's about time to get started on another great series of Summer Swing 5k runs! As has been our tradition for the past few years, we will get started the WEEK BEFORE the Summer Swing Concerts begin. Mark your calendars for April 29th, and come on over to the Opelika Recreation Center on Denson Drive between 5:30pm and 6:00pm. We'll start the run at 6:15pm. This year will be a 15 run, 15 week series, each Tuesday of each week. We will crank up 4/29 and finish up August 5th. The concert series (14 of them) starts 5/6 and runs through 8/5 as well. There is a great lineup of artists, as usual. Plan to take advantage of this FREE concert every Tuesday night! I'll provide the schedule soon. For the "old hands", I plan on keeping things pretty much the same as last year. $10 will register you for the entire series, or you can pay $1 per run, as you go. Those 18 and younger, no charge. We will offer a technical running shirt for those interested, at cost. I'm working on getting the design completed and print ready in May. I'll plan on offering the standard hamburgers and hot dogs as usual, at cost. I will need some help either grilling or at the finish line - so if you feel so inclined please get in touch with me at durunforfun@yahoo.com or call me at 334-524-5021. For those of you who are new, welcome to what may be the best summer of running (or walking) that you have ever experienced! Guaranteed that you will meet new people and make new friends, in a laid-back atmosphere that I think we have the patent on. For the more serious runner, we have all you need as well. It's a challenging, measured and marked 5K course, and we'll offer timed results for each run, available online here each week. For those who prefer to walk, come on out, you will have plenty of company. Bring the stroller and your pet (leashed of course)if you like. More details soon. Look forward to seeing you in three weeks! Let's make his year bigger and better than ever! Doug