Wednesday, June 8, 2016

War Eagle!

Check out the results of Run 6 here. I'm a bit late in posting this, thanks to that crazy win that Auburn Softball had over Oklahoma on Tuesday night. And then came the heartbreak of losing a one run game and the national championship final game on Wednesday. I'm proud of our team; they played a very good Oklahoma team down to the wire, and there was never any give-up in them. So here it is 9pm on Wednesday night and I'm just getting the results of run 6 posted. It was a low humidity evening; nice for a change, but still hot. Great to see new people come out every week. What's cool is that we get every variety of runner or walker that you can imagine. We keep it lighthearted and it looks like everyone is having a good time to me, while I stand at the finish line and hand out cards (tough job!). Much thanks to Carolyn Boone and family for bringing the fresh oranges and cookies. The goodies disappeared pretty quickly. And, as always, thanks to Alvin with everything he does to help me direct this run. Also good to have the Rehab Works staff there. Take advantage of their knowledge and training; we are lucky to have them set up their tent each week and be available to us. And, on the horizon, I've had a discussion with Angela, owner of O-Town Ice Cream, and she would like to bring their mobile cart over one evening. If you are in their store, put a bug in her ear and remind her to give me a call - or just show up and surprise us! One last item - I will be on vacation the week of July 25th and won't be able to direct the run on Tuesday the 26th. If you would like to stand in for me and get out of a hot run, please let me know. I'm make it easy for you, we won't cook that night or do anything fancy. Let me know if you can help me out. Until next week, take care. See you then. Doug

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