Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Run 7 In The Books

Halfway through! We've got quite a few who have been here every week, or maybe missed one week. It's great to have you back time and again! Plus we always have some new faces, that's pretty cool. It was hot today, we plowed through about 10 gallons of water and Gator-ade like there was no tomorrow. You are probably looking for results - which are posted in a link in the right margin, or right here. If you don't see your time, be sure to sign a card when you come in and throw it in the box. Otherwise I can't match up your name with your time. Much thanks, as always, to the Boone family, for bringing orange slices and cookies. Also, as you noticed, Evelyn and Alvin helped at the finish line, for which I am always grateful. You might not have seen her, but it was great to have Kalynn Simpson and her family back for a run. Kalynn has run with us for several years, and is currently a student at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas on a track scholarship. Proud of her! She is a talented athlete. I'm claiming a little bit of credit for all the great conditioning she got at Summer Swing runs. Ha! See you next week, Doug.

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